Musician of the Week: Jim James!

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I apologize for being a day late on ‘Musician of the Week.’ I had Internet issues yesterday that took a while to be remedied.

The musician of the week is the frontman for the band My Morning Jacket, Jim James – also known foundly as Yim Yames (say Jim James, but with ‘Y’ sounds). Let me know what you think about Jim James in my comments section!

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Born in 1978, James became active (musically) fourteen years later.  He excels at the guitar, songwriting, and singing, but James is fluent with the saxophone and omnichord (an electronic instrument that plays major, minior, and diminished chords). As I say every week, a musician should be more than a one-trick pony (I didn’t really go in depth with Jimi Hendrix and instruments, but he was a true musician as well) and be able to play more than just one instrument. If the musician could only play one instrument they would be a guitarist or bassist, not a musician. Semantics, maybe, but I like to make the distinction.

Along with creating six albums with MMJ, James had recorded three of his own solo albums:

James also is a part of the folk rock band, Monsters of Folk – there is a self-titled album for the band and the album was well received by critics.

What I like about James is his love for the music, his fans, and his stunning lyrics. Seriously, I have spent several hours (altogether) pouring over MMJ lyrics to figure out what he says (I have somewhat bad hearing) and then trying to figure out the meaning behind the songs. I do this with other bands, but rarely am I as mesmerized as I am when I read lyrics written by Jim James. If you haven’t done it, go look up some lyrics to MMJ, Monsters of Folk, or even his solo work because it’s amazing.

If you’re interested here is the list of instruments James uses and has used throughout his career.

Though this is with MMJ, I believe this is still one of my favorite Jim James songs. Enjoy!