Why The Video For Avicii’s ‘Wake Me Up’ Sucks

Here is the video in question (watch it to get a better understanding of my criticism below):

Before I begin telling you why this music video sucks, I will say the song is catchy and has a good electronic sound. I also am fond of some Avicii songs.

With that said, this music video is horrible. Not from a cinematography point of view, nothing to do with the lighting, or even the amazing backdrops. Everything cinematically with the music video is pretty much all right. What’s wrong with the music video is the absolutely craptastic ‘story’ or meaning behind it.

You have this abso-freaking-lutely beautiful young woman (I can’t really discern her age, but I’d say early 20s?) and her young sister (or daughter?). Both are above average in looks and as the music video showcases, the two live in an area that can best be described as ‘backwords’ or ‘ultra-country.’ Everyone in the town is staring at the two because the two are A) very above average looks wise and sport a weird logo birthmark that looks like a sideways elevator button (which Avicii has made his own) B) not wearing the drab, dirty clothes that the rest of the towns people are, and C) the two (especially the eldest one) don’t really try to engage anyone in the town in conversation. In my experiences, when someone is staring at me I engage them in conversation to see ‘What’s up?’ or just to engage them in conversation to show that there’s nothing to fear about me, I’m just a normal person.

Could it be that the townspeople are wondering why you're wearing a fancy jacket?

Could it be that the townspeople are wondering why you’re wearing a fancy jacket? Also what’s with the beanie? It doesn’t seem too cold there.

I get the theme of the music video (the song’s lyrics are somewhat incoherent on it’s meaning and don’t really reflect the motives of the music video, or vice-versa) of being ‘different’ and wanting to find your place, but the two (this is more on the eldest) don’t do a very good job on seemingly introducing themselves to the townspeople or trying to be a part of the community really. I also don’t understand why the oldest rides into town on the house living her daughter/sister all by her lonesome while she enjoys a concert? Um, isn’t that bad parenting/sistering? Per the video, it appears that the mother/sister leaves her daughter/sister alone for nearly an entire day. Terrible child rearing.

The two eventually find their ‘place’ in the city at an Avicii concert, which begs me to ask: Did the two really find their place? I don’t think so because the two didn’t really try to be accepted in their old community (though we could pretend that they did have troubles in their old community). Nonetheless, it was a happy ending right? Maybe I shouldn’t try to look deeply into the meaning of electronic genre music videos?


2 thoughts on “Why The Video For Avicii’s ‘Wake Me Up’ Sucks

  1. About the 1:33 mark I was like WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED? WHY? WHO’S IDEA WAS THIS? The lyrics have so much more potential…

    • Right? The lyrics (through watching the music video) seem lost and become nonsense, but you’re right the lyrics are much better than this video.

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