Band of the Week: Ylvis!

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All right, so technically Ylvis isn’t a band in the traditional sense, but a group rather – very similar to Lonely Island – that makes music. In fact, many [new] fans consider them the Norwegian Lonely Island. That’s pretty good company for Ylvis to be in as a comedic music group, but I’m going to elaborate more on Ylvis than just Ylvis being the Norwegian Lonely Island.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Brothers Vegard and Bård were born in Bergen, Norway; they were the younger brothers of a total of three. Both had an upbringing with classical music instruments, but decided to focus on comedy and song. They made the correct choice.

To help put forth their comedy and singing abilities, the brothers entered into various talent shows/variety shows and were very involved with the school theatre. In 2000, the duo was actually spotted by Peter Brandt and debuted as professionals at the Ole Bull Teater (yes, that’s spelled correctly).

The brothers took their show on the road after several performances at the Ole Bull Teater, and started to gain traction as national (Norway) talent. This segued the duo into various radio broadcasts, talk shows, and more variety shows at the Ole Bull Teater. Though very popular, the duo were becoming exceptionally popular – more than they could have imagined.

Their popularity could become even more exceptional, but I don’t believe the brothers thought that went they released ‘The Fox.’ ‘The Fox’ sent the duo’s popularity into the stratosphere. ‘The Fox’ is the dance-less, not as crazy Gangnam-Style of this fall, I believe. It’s hit the peak of how popular a viral song can get (sure it can go further, but this is pretty much as big as you can get).

But ‘The Fox’ isn’t their best song. Please, let me introduce you to ‘Stongehenge’:

What’s your opinion on Ylvis? Are they annoying, or just as good as Lonely Island?


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