Band of the Week: The Fratellis!

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The Fratellis is a rock band from Glasgow, Scotland (shout out to my ancestors!) and consist of three members with interesting names.

The Fratellis perform at a concert in Scotland (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

The Fratellis perform at a concert in Scotland (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

All members of The Fratellis have the last name ‘Fratelli,’ but that is not their given name. Here are their current names, position in the band, and birth name:

  • Jon Fratelli (Lead vocalist and guitarist; born John Lawler)
  • Barry Fratelli (Bassist; born Barry Wallace)
  • Mince Fratelli (Drummer and back up vocalist; born Gordon McRory)

I think their birth names are rather interesting, so why the name change? Well the trio have an affinity for the movie The Goonies, and the group is named after the villainous family in The Goonies, which is ‘Fratelli.’ There’s a fun fact for you to tell all your friends!

Now back to the important part: the music.

Here are the dates for The Fratellis' fall tour in the US! (Source)

Here are the dates for The Fratellis’ fall tour in the US! (Source)

The band formed in 2005 and had already played their first show by March 4th of the same year. Near the end of 2005/beginning of 2006, the band signed to Fallout Records. The Fratellis were on their way. Their first EP was released in April of 2006 simply dubbed The Fratellis EP. Songs on the EP include ‘Stacie Anne’ and most notably ‘Henrietta’ (their first single).

The debut album of The Fratellis is what caught my attention. Costello Music debuted in September of 2006 in the UK. It was received so well that the group won a BRIT award for ‘Best Breakthrough Band.’ It also garnered attention from music outlets in the US. Once the US got the album many outlets played the song ‘Flathead’ and I fell in love with the group. MTV even played The Fratellis’ music video for ‘Flathead’ and I loved the video just as much as the song (granted it has scantily clad women in the video and I was only sixteen at the time).

The Fratellis made the album Here We Stand in 2007 and it was debuted in 2008. It was received well in the UK and US respectively. Shortly after this album The Fratellis went on an indefinite hiatus (spoiler: they are back together). Fans were very distraught at this hiatus, but fear not the band got back together to create a band new album We Need Medicine in 2013.

What’s your favorite The Fratellis song? Mine’s ‘Flathead’ because it’s the first song I heard from them and it just stuck! Give their other music a listen, though, especially ‘Henrietta.’

Here’s ‘Flathead’ incase you have never heard of it: