Best Places To Buy Music

For over a decade pirating music has been frowned upon [by mostly the music industry, and well known artists/bands], and I would like to give you options on where to actually buy music. Not only does buying music give you a physical copy of the music (unless buying on iTunes, etc.), most CDs and records come with awesome album artwork, and several ‘extras’: lyric sheets, a poster that is unfolded, and occasionally a ‘secret’ track! It just feels right buying music, especially from your favorite artist, because you’re legitimately helping them (though I urge to go to see your favorite band live too.)

Fun Fact: music pirating was a problem before the Internet. People would record music off the radio with their cassettes!

Here are five places to buy music:

1. Your Local Record Shop

This is the ultimate option. Not only do you get to help out your favorite band(s), you get to help out your local record shop! Great people are also likely shopping here that share similar music interests as you, or people that have a different perspective on music that you can learn something from! This is something I miss from being in my university’s town! (Shout out to Finders Records!)

2. Target

Though Target is a big box store, the prices at Target at much friendlier than other big box stores. Target also stocks music with ‘adult content’ on it, which many other big box stores do not. Bought my first CD ever from Target (The Black Parade), so I have a bit of a bias towards Target. Don’t buy music (or anything really) from Wal-Mart.

3. iTunes

I am hesitant to put iTunes on this list because of their pricing (which slowly keeps rising), but the sheer volume of music alone on iTunes warrants it to be on this list. Downloads are typically swift and those songs are linked to your account (at least they were when I last bought from iTunes over a year ago), so incase the songs are deleted you will still have them on backup. (If this is incorrect please let me know.) I do advise that music from a CD or record sounds much better than most digital versions. If you don’t like giving money to big corporations (same with Target, etc.) then check out the next two options!

4. Flea Markets/Garage Sales

Neither Flea Markets or Garage Sales may be prevalent in your area, but they can be goldmines when it comes to rare and older music. Records, old CDs, cassettes, even 8-track can be found at flea markets or garage sales if you look hard enough! Prices are normally low (unless you want to buy an uber rare album), but the condition of the album varies. You will likely have to pay with cash.

5. The Band’s Website

This is a bit tricky, however, because many up and coming artists/bands will redirect you to their record label, a store similar to Target (or even Target), or iTunes. Established bands occasionally will let you download straight from their website, and the band likely has it’s own record label (Counting Crows comes to mind) so the money goes straight to the band!

Where do you typically buy your music from?


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