What’s Missing In Pokémon X/Y?

Pokémon X/Y has brought us Pokéfans into the 3D realm, and it has been an incredible trip just under a week since its release (well there were several that got the copy before the release date, though). I have loved every minute playing Pokémon X & Y and love the enormous Kalos Regional Pokédex – being broken down into three Pokédexes also is a great feature. Being able to create a stellar team with new favorites (Chesnaught, Tyrantrum), old favorites (Blastoise, Alakazam), and a chance to use Pokémon I have never even thought of using on a team before (Drifblim, Roserade, among others). It has truly been a fun experience and I have only just beaten the Elite 4, so there is still some post game to entertain me. But I still have this slight uneasiness about the game, like Game Freak has missed on a few things that would have made the game somehow even better.

Note: All of these could change with DLC.

(These are my opinions; I don’t care if you disagree with them, but please give me reasons why you disagree, if you do disagree with me.)

1. Real Evolutions For Previous Gen Pokémon

I was first very against the mega-evolutions, but that quickly faded once I saw the great possibilities and power of the mega-evolutions – also that a player can only have one Pokémon in mega form at a time.

Yet I feel like several Pokémon got the shaft of getting a real evolution; some didn’t even get a mega evolution [yet]. Here is a brief list of Pokémon that I believe deserved real evolutions, or pre-evolutions:

Why couldn't this little cutie get a real evolution? (It still may get a mega evolution, though; source)

Why couldn’t this little cutie get a real evolution? (It still may get a mega evolution, though; source)

  • Qwilfish
  • Sableye
  • Farfetch’d
  • Dunsparce (Didn’t get fairy typing either)
  • Mawile (Its mega-evolution is neat, so is the re-typing, but it should have received a real evolution)
  • Jynx
  • Mr. Mime
  • Tropius
  • Banette (Again, totally stellar mega-evolution but has room to have a real evolution)
  • Carnivine

There are more that I believe should get real evolutions, or pre-evolutions, but I shan’t bore you with a cumbersome list

2. Walking Pokémon

I know it’s purely cosmetic and just one of those awesome ‘bells and whistles’ features in Heart Gold and Soul Silver, but it would have been really spectacular to have walking Pokémon. Not necessary whatsoever, so this is more of a ‘want’ miss than really a ‘need’ miss.

This could be rather difficult with a 3D world and Game Freak’s first foray into a 3D world so I can give them a pass; plus I think Pokémon Amie supplanted walking Pokémon in the sense that you get to ‘pet’, ‘feed’, and ‘play’ with your Pokémon on Amie now.

3. Wifi Tag Battles

This has been a feature I have wanted since Generation 1 (at least with the USB connectors!). Why can’t my friend and I go up against two other Pokémon friends in a double battle if we all have wifi connection? It was possible in the Unova Battle Subway against computer trainers, but don’t we have the technology to make every trainer in a tag double battle be real?

How much fun would that be? It would take some stupendous strategy and balance between each other’s team, and boy would it be terrific. There could even be tag double battle events that are held along with the regular in person events. I think it would be a lot of fun, and would add a new dimension to the games. You would finally be able to actually play with your friend, instead of against them.

4. Wonder Trade Balance

Wonder Trade etiquette has been talked about on reddit frequently, as well as in person with friends that play the game.  My friends have said they will ‘stay away from Wonder Trade until it gets balanced, or people stop putting up entry level Pokémon.’

What do they mean by ‘balanced’ you may ask?

Well what I discerned from them claiming balance is needed is that if you put a level 5 Bunnelby in Wonder Trade you should only be able to receive a Pokémon of that same rarity, and/or the same general level range. Or if you trade a level 55 Graveler, you could receive Pokémon between the levels of 41 and 59. Just to somewhat get the same quality that you put through the Wonder Trade.

Though, that is what’s brilliant about the Wonder Trade – you’re never quite sure what you’re going to get, but it’s likely a Weedle or Panpour.

5. Being Able To Change An Already Nicknamed Pokémon*

*If it’s from a different country. I’m perfectly fine with a Dunsparce named ‘Issac’ or something different, but it’s hard for me to connect with a Pokémon named ガイ. It could be a sign that I need to broaden my horizons and learn Japanese (and other languages), but unless you want to pay for Rosetta Stone I’d like to be able to rename the Pokémon. Heck I’d be perfectly fine if it just went back to the English name of the Pokémon.

It’s not a game breaking miss for Game Freak, but it’s still an irksome part of these wonderful games.


Here’s a Pikachu with a mustache for your troubles! (Artist’s deviantArt page)

What features do you think Game Freak ‘missed’ in likely the best Pokémon game of all-time?


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  3. I wanted to ride my Pokemon not Pokemon out of Pokeballs

  4. I agree with what you said about wonder trades. It’s just ridiculous lol

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