October 18th: Music News

Here is the daily round up of music news:

Alternative Press: ALBUM REVIEW: AFI – Burials

Alternative Press: Pierce the Veil launch pre-order for This Is A Wasteland documentary

Buzzfeed: 37 Things Beyoncé Has Apparently Been Doing Instead Of Releasing A New Album / Typical Buzzfeed.

Highlight Magazine: The Growlers Release New Song “Dogheart II”

Kerrang!: 10 Massive Rock Bands Who Changed Their Frontmen

NME: Vinyl album sales are at a ten year high in the UK – find out what the ten 10 best sellers of 2013 have been so far

Rolling Stone: Korn pose as marionettes on the set of the video shoot for “Love & Meth”

SPIN Magazine: Black Sabbath lifelessly mumble through their “Loner” live video

There’s your music news for you! Like always, if you want a different type of genre to be focused on let me know in the comments!

Also, I am in the process of uploading my concert pictures from the Taking Back Sunday concert! Stay tuned.

Here’s a picture of Beyoncé singin’ to hold you over.

English: Beyonce performing on 4 Intimate Nigh...

English: Beyonce performing on 4 Intimate Nights with Beyoncé. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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