October 21st: Music News

Here is your daily round up of music news on Earth.

Remember these are the titles through tweets, or on the actual site!

Alternative Press: United Nations announce east coast tour

Buzzfeed: You need to hear this new band Teen Girl Scientist Monthly, they made the most fun rock album of 2013

‘Most fun rock album’

Highlight Magazine: No news, but here’s their twitter account

Kerrang!: What d’ya think of our Top 10 Rock Supergroups Of All Time list?

NME: Peace’s Doug Castle has Bob Dylan song ‘ruined’ by George Osborne

NME: Yannis Philippakis appears to mock Alex Turner’s ‘Elvis impersonation’ as Foals win at Q Awards

NME: 25 Grandparents who still rock – This is actually pretty good.

Rolling Stone: The surviving members of TLC on their new VH1 biopic and plans for a new album, “There’s vultures out here”

Rolling Stone: Rihanna was kicked out of a mosque in Abu Dhabi over the weekend

Rihanna’s team should have given her a briefing over the ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ of a mosque.

SPIN Magazine: Watch ‘AZEALIA BANKS’ live a luxurious hippie fantasy in her “ATM Jam” video 

SPIN Magazine: Morrissey responds to reports on sexuality: “I am humasexual”

Thanks for reading! If there’s any pertinent music news you what to divulge, please comment below.

Here’s ‘Skipping Stone’ by Transit for your time:


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