Speculation On Next Pokémon Game (Already!)

It is almost certain that Game Freak will give us all another game involving the Kalos region. Many believe it will be simply ‘Pokémon Z’ with the legendary represented by Z on the cover, or that it will be X2 and Y2 with the focus on an altered legendary (like Kyurem in B2/W2). Open and shut case, right?

Not so fast my friend.

Apparently Marriland, believes that Game Freak will be giving us an entirely new region in the next game (that would be a sequel to X/Y) already! What?! Madness. But he brings up pretty good, although most are flimsy, points in the below video. Watch it and tell me what you think.

I think the berry part is interesting, but it could be hinting at a new ‘Dream World’ type device. I do hope there are more than 69 new Pokémon (a new legendary trio has been pretty much confirmed, by the way), or at least more mega evolutions.

What do you think?