I Asked Reddit: Where Do You Buy Music?

In this thread, I asked members of /r/Music where they buy music when they buy music since I wrote this piece on where I would buy music from. I garnered several good answers, and only one troll comment! Success!

Here are some good replies (names below are spelled as they are on reddit):

From roguedevil:

At the local store, though it’s not that local. I always make it a point to buy an album from a band’s merch table at a show if I do not have it already.

From ThatParanoidPenguin:

Usually from Amazon, because you get a digital version and the disc version if you buy the disc. I also sometimes buy it from Google Play because their sales are amazing. I picked up Licensed To Ill, 2001, and Late Registration for less than $10 for all of them. Target also is good for buying music as they sell the explicit versions and sometimes have special bonus tracks.

From johnny_christ:

I live pretty close to NYC, so I wait till I have a list and take the train. I used to go to Virgin Records in Time Square (it was like the Wal-Mart of record stores. They had pretty much everything). The best one’s IMO nowadays are Black Gold Records and Heaven Street.

I’ve also been making regular trips to Los Angeles (I’m thinking about moving there) and I love heading over to Amoeba. That place is pretty rad.

I like having the physical copy though. I don’t believe in buying off iTunes or whatever unless it’s the absolute only place I can buy a certain release that I’m looking for. I’ll order off of Amazon or eBay before I buy off iTunes.

From ashowofhands:

Almost exclusively amazon. Their prices for brand-new CDs are generally reasonable, and marketplace is amazing for out-of-print and import CDs, and just finding awesome deals in general. There have been a couple times that I’ve snagged stuff from the marketplace that I couldn’t find anywhere else on the entire internet.

If it’s a new mainstream release, I may just pick it up at the first place I see it (often Target, as they’re the closest store to my house that actually sells CDs). If I see something else interesting there I may buy it on impulse as well. Ordering them online is great and all, but no form of buying or otherwise acquiring music will ever beat the feeling of cracking open a brand-new CD case, popping the disc into your car stereo and listening to it for the first time ever on the drive home.

When all else fails, and I still really want to buy a hard copy, I’ll just order directly from the band/record label. I preordered the latest Reign of Kindo CD directly from Candyrat because it wasn’t for sale on amazon until a couple months later. I ordered Circa Survive’s Violent Waves directly from them because it was the only way to get it on CD (still isn’t available on Amazon, even now). It took them months to ship it though – by the time it came in the mail I had already forgotten that I even ordered it in the first place. That’s one of the disadvantages to ordering directly from a label, especially a smaller one.

Finally, here is a reply to a comment about buying through iTunes from Chill_Vibes:

Also, the band gets less money if you want to support them.

This is the mascot for Reddit.com, simply known as the 'Reddit Alien.'

This is the mascot for Reddit.com, simply known as the ‘Reddit Alien.’

Thanks again, Reddit for answering my question!

Where do you all buy music?