November 1st: Music News

Here is your daily recommended music news, but first a music video:

I hope you enjoyed that.

Alternative Press: Matt Good teases potential From First To Last news

Alternative Press: Blink-182 to close out BlizzCon 2013

Buzzfeed: Did Eminem make an incorrect reference to “The Wire” on his song w/Kendrick?

Highlight Magazine: 30 Seconds To Mars Release New Music Video

Kerrang!: Can all rock videos have massive slow-motion wolves in them from now on please? Check it out

Music Connection: “Every time I collaborate with young people…I’m blown away with how good it comes out.” – PJ Blanco

NME: New musical SPEARS will tell story of Jesus Christ through Britney Spears songs

I am intrigued and dumbfounded at the same time.

NME: Kanye West files lawsuit against YouTube co-founder for leaking Kim Kardashian engagement footage


Rolling Stone: Trey Anastasio exclusively shares details about Phish’s next album ‘Wingsuit’, which they played last night

Rolling Stone: Hear sassy pop singer Dev set losers straight in her new track, “Kiss It”

SPIN Magazine: Beck designed limited-edition glasses so you can see his ‘Song Reader’

SPIN Magazine: Stream MIA’s ‘Matangi’ album right now

As always, if you have any pertinent music news, or want us to post more about a certain artist/band/genre/magazine, let us know in the comments section!


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