Five Collaborations I Would Love To See

Music collaborations can be fantastic for the fans, the artists/bands involved, and for music in general – when done right. Collaborations that are done correctly fuse elements of genres into a perfect musical cuisine that tastes just wonderful in your ears. Sorry about that, I’m a wee bit hungry while writing this! But the best collaborations are done when artists/bands from vastly different genres, yet a collaboration can be successful when putting together similar genre artists/bands.

Here are examples of collaborations have been done correctly:

Eminem & Elton John – ‘Stan’

Run DMC & Aerosmith – ‘Walk This Way’

Michael Jackson & Eddie Van Halen – ‘Beat It’

Kid Cui, MGMT, & Rattat – ‘Pursuit of Happiness’

Gorillaz & Del tha Funkee Homosapien

All of the above are exemplary examples of collaborations done right, and there are MANY more that I could have listed, but I decided to stick with examples that are well known.

Here are five collaborations that I would love to see:

Miley Cyrus & Arcade Fire

Sara Bareilles & Counting Crows

Childish Gambino & M.I.A. (this would be FIRE!)

A Day To Remember & Azealia Banks

Beck & Slipknot

All of those may seem to be outrageous to be paired together, but that is what I believe could make a collaboration stick out and be great. Pushing the limits of their own genre, while trying to keep a balance with the person/band they’re collaborating with could produce music that would end world hunger! Hyperbole, I know, yet I still would love to see all of that happen – world hunger ending, especially.