What Pokémon Could Warrant A Third Type?

As we all know, Pokémon are either a single type, or a combination of two types from the eighteen total types available (of course with no doubled up types – no water/water types). Yet there are several Pokémon that have characteristics of three types that could warrant them getting a third type – should Game Freak ever venture into that sort of poppycock (you could possibly argue four for a handful of Pokémon, but that would get out of hand). Typically, though, the potential third type of a Pokémon is made apparent with abilities and moves, but that’s no fun.

There are two status moves introduced in Generation Six that do add a third type to Pokémon that already have two types: Forest’s Curse (adds the grass type) and Trick-or-Treat (adds the ghost type). Those status moves only work when used on Pokémon that are not the same type that the move is trying to add.

Why are those two moves important? Well, it seems that Game Freak may actually venture into that ‘poppycock’ in the future – okay not likely, it would be confusing for everyone – at least in the form of status moves! It still is enjoyable to speculate and discuss possible third types for some Pokémon, even if it will never happen!

Here are ten dual-typed Pokémon (final stage or standalone) that could have a third type if Game Freak allowed a third type:

Pretty sure I see wings that can be used for flight on Beedrill.

Pretty sure I see wings that can be used for flight on Beedrill.


Current type: Bug/Poison

What the third type could be: Flying or Fighting

Why Flying: Beedrill is, how do I put it, a bee! Bees have wings! Bees fly! Wings are normally a signifier for flight in our reality and the Pokémon universe, and Beedrill even fly in the anime (I know not canon in regards to game mechanics). I am, however, glad that Game Freak gave it the typing of Bug/Poison instead of the ever present, lackluster typing of Bug/Flying.

Why Fighting: Beedrill are aggressive suckers with those stingers as fists, and are ferocious with their attacks. It could make sense for a third typing to be fighting because of their aggression and their hand-to-hand (stinger-to-stinger?) combat with other Pokémon.

(Dustox is one of many Pokémon that could also have a flying type, but I will do my best to avoid the whole ‘well it flies in the anime/has wings so it should be flying-type’ argument)

No thank you.

One of the more sinister looks a Pokémon can have in a design.


Current type: Water/Poison

What the third type could be: Dark

Why: Tentacruel is evil (dark type is known as evil type in Japan) just look at these Pokédex entries that were likely written by a ten year old kid on their first adventure:

Its 80 tentacles absorb water and stretch almost endlessly to constrict its prey and enemies. (Gold)

It lives in complex rock formations on the ocean floor and traps prey using its 80 tentacles. Its red orbs glow when it grows excited or agitated. (Emerald)

The tentacles are normally kept short. On hunts, they are extended to ensnare and immobilize prey. (X)

That sounds ‘evil’ to me, not to mention it would be terrifying to be immobilized and then slowly eaten/poisoned to death. Tentacruel has ‘cruel’ in its name for a reason, and dark type would fit as a third type for it.

Looks an awful lot like a dragon...

Looks an awful lot like a dragon…


Current type: Psychic/Flying

What the third type could be: Water or Dragon

Why Water: Hmm where to begin:

  • In Pokémon Generation 2 related games, Lugia can only be found in Whirl Islands (with the Silver Wing of course), which are water filled.
  • In Emerald, Fire Red, and Leaf Green, Lugia can be found in a similar locale, but that place is known as Navel Rock. Ho-oh can also be captured at Navel Rock, but is atop Navel Rock, while Lugia is found in the ‘basement’ next to a stream of water.
  • Nearly every Pokédex entry of Lugia contains a mention of it being ‘Guardian of the Sea’ or something sea related. Check it.
  • Whenever Lugia appears in the anime, Ash and co. are near a body of water.

Why Dragon: Lugia resembles a dragon, has access to a few dragon type moves (not necessarily the best reason to support it considering many Pokémon have access to a wide array of different type moves), and is suggested to be modeled after Ryūjin.

Are the dots near Cradily's mouth its eyes or are its eyes the yellow globes inside the mouth?

Are the dots near Cradily’s mouth its eyes or are its eyes the yellow globes inside the mouth?


Current type: Rock/Grass

What the third type could be: Water or Poison

Why Water: Look at Cradily’s two abilities: Suction Cups and Storm Drain. Two abilities that are water related. Cradily is modeled after crinoids, which are sea creatures. It is apparent that Cradily could have the water type, albeit it has access to zero water type moves.

Why Poison: Crinoids (what Cradily is modeled after incase you have short term memory) are extinct relatives of sea anemones, and several types of sea anemones are venomous. This is supported by Cradily having access to a handful of poison type moves.

Pokédex entries for Cradily support claims for water type and poison type inclusion.

Dragon. This is a dragon. Wait it's not a dragon?

Dragon. This is a dragon. Wait it’s not a dragon?


Current type: Grass/Flying

What the third type could be: Dragon

Why: Tropius is based off a sauropod (think Brachiosaurus, or ‘long-necks’ if you’re a fan of The Land Before Time), which doesn’t necessarily mean it should be a dragon, but sauropods have similar characteristics of dragons. Long necked reptile, large midsection, massive body in general, etc. Tropius also has access to three dragon type moves (through breeding and tutoring). I just always wanted Tropius to be Grass/Dragon because I’m selfish.

Typical European dragon design. Not saying it's bad, just typical.

Typical European dragon design. Not saying it’s bad, just typical.


Current type: Dragon/Flying

What the third type could be: Normal

Why: Normal? Why normal you ask? Salamence should gain the normal type because it is the prototypical European dragon. I can see Salamence guarding a decrepit tower that contains a princess. It, to me, has a very boring design and color scheme as well; don’t mistake ‘boring’ for bad, however. Salamence can learn a litany of normal-type moves by leveling up (or relearning them), but several other dragons can learn normal type moves as well, so not a completely solid reason.

Why not fire type?: Nearly every dragon type ever could be potentially fire type.

'Hi, I look like a cartoon dragon.' (Yes, I know all Pokémon are cartoon dragons.)

‘Hi, I look like a cartoon dragon.’ (Yes, I know all dragon Pokémon are cartoon dragons.)


May as well continue the dragon theme to three in a row.

Current type: Dragon/Flying

What the third type could be: Fairy

Why: Okay this one may be harder to argue than the previous two, but I’ll do my best. Dragonite has zero access to fairy type moves (unless it can learn a few in Generation Six), has no abilities that could be considered fairy type, and nearly all of Dragonite’s Pokédex entries make note of it being able to fly. So how could it have a third type in the fairy type?

Well Dragonite is based off European Dragons, as well as Fairy Dragons. I mean this decision is purely cosmetic, but look at Dragonite real closely. Doesn’t it seem like a cartoonish, fairy-like dragon, especially in comparison to its serpentine pre-evolutions? Dragonite has always appeared ‘cutesy’ to me, which does not necessarily mean all fairies are cutesy, but in this case Dragonite’s ‘cutesy’ and cartoonish design could garner it a third type in fairy. Maybe it gets the fairy type with a mega evolution?

Nigel Thornberry's floating head.

Nigel Thornberry’s floating head.


Current type: Rock/Steel

What the third type could be: Psychic or Electric

Why Psychic: IT’S A BIG NIGEL THORNBERRY HEAD THAT CAN FLOAT. What other force could be able to do this? It lacks any psychic attack moves however.

Why Electric: Nearly every Pokédex entry references how Probopass ‘exudes strong magnetism’ and Probopass can learn a slew of electric type moves. Electric would be the better fit over Psychic.

Toxicroak looks like an assassin.

Toxicroak looks like an assassin.


Current type: Poison/Fighting

What the third type could be: Dark

Why: When I first came across Toxicroak some odd years ago I figured it was poison/dark, or dark/poison, because of the darker color scheme and ‘croak’ being the world that immediately jumped out at me – croak as in death, not the sound. Toxicroak also learns many dark type moves by leveling up, as well as being able to learn dark type moves from TMs and move tutors. There is nothing in the Pokédex entries that could sway it towards the dark type, but man does Toxicroak look villainous.

This panda does not only eat bamboo. It eats poffins.

This panda does not only eat bamboo. It eats poffins.


Current type: Fighting/Dark

What the third type could be: Grass

Why: Pangoro is based off the Giant Panda, which eats primarily bamboo (even though they have tummies built for meat eating not bamboo munching).  Bamboo is a plant. What are plant-like Pokémon mostly typed? That’s right grass. This could be a weak tie-in, but Pandas live in forests (the thousand or so left in the wild that is) and several Pokémon have a secondary typing based on their environment, so why not a tertiary type based on their environment?

When Pancham was first leaked, I believed its evolution would be Fighting/Grass, but alas Pangoro became Fighting/Dark.

(Charizard could be included, but Charizard’s potential third type (dragon) got recognition in one of its two mega forms. I did not include Gyarados simply because, like Charizard, it has already been argued to death if it should get the dragon type or not.)

After doing this little activity, I understand why Game Freak does not give Pokémon a third type because A) many Pokémon could potentially deserve a third type and deciding on the third type could take time to get it right B) it would just be unnecessary in the grand scheme of all things Pokémon. Why make a Pokémon’s typing this uber complex process when it is relatively straight forward right now with two types max?

It was still fun to look over Pokémon that could have a third type, but now I fully understand why Game Freak does not, and likely will not, do this in the Pokémon games. It also gave me respect towards Pokémon that have unique typings, and a single type; it would be silly, and convoluted, to have a lot of the same dual typings just to have them.

What other Pokémon do you think would deserve a third type if Game Freak decided to add a third type to Pokémon?

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