Spencer Chamberlain To Fill In For Adam Lazzara

Recently, Taking Back Sunday had to postpone a few shows over the past week because Adam Lazzara’s wife was giving birth to the couple’s second son. The baby boy is having a few complications. Lazzara is staying with his family in Charlotte while the baby boy gets better; Lazzara posted pictures of the baby on Instagram and stated that he was a tough little guy. I will not post those pictures even though they are in the public domain because it would be uncouth for someone to post pictures of a baby in a condition like that, at least in my opinion. We wish Adam and his family the best.

Former Underoath lead singer, Spencer Chamberlain, will fill in for Lazzara as lead singer for the remaining stops on the tour (tweets confirming it below). I am unsure of Chamberlain’s ability to sing Taking Back Sunday songs, but he has done well singing for Underoath so I believe he has the ability to do it. I wish Chamberlain and the rest of Taking Back Sunday well on the ‘So Sick Tour’, as well as Polar Bear Club and Transit.


Do you believe Spencer Chamberlain is a good fill-in for Adam Lazzara? Let us know in the comments.

Here is Spencer Chamberlain’s Twitter Default:

People love these horse masks.

People love these horse masks.