3,000 Views Just This Month!

That’s right, you all (including other Interneters through other means) have viewed Chwomp over 3000 times this month! That’s nearly half of the total views since I began this blog in May; though early July was when I truly started to work out the kinks of the blog and began to find my niche.

Thank you all so very much and I look forward to bringing you more content to music, and the occasional post on sports and video games! I would love it if you told your music friends on WordPress to follow Chwomp, or to follow on Facebook and/or Twitter!

Thanks, again.


Technical Difficulties

Currently my laptop is going through a few issues of its own right, so I cannot even access my desktop; let alone post on WordPress (using my phone right now). I will post later on in the day so don’t fret!

Over 5000 Views!

Thank you all so very much for the page views, comments, and all around awesome!

Chwomp also has hit 2000 views in a single month for the first time ever as well!

For being so awesome and loyal I present you with this great ditty:

If there is anything in particular you would like Chwomp to cover (music wise specifically) please comment below!

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Two More Contributors!

Hello, everyone.

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I am glad to announce two more contributors to Chwomp! Two more good friends of mine (Dan and Keith) will be posting the occasional (likely weekly) article or album review of various genres and artists! They will do a fantastic job, rest assured.

Thanks for reading; here’s some Wheatus. (I would include the video, but Vevo does not work on WordPress for some strange reason. Just another reason I dislike Vevo.)

New Contributor to Chwomp!

In the next few days, a good friend of mine will be contributing his first story to this blog, Chwomp. He will be making a weekly post about various things happening in the world, while also relating it to music. It is fascinating and exciting! I cannot wait until I get to read his draft of his first piece.

Adam Duritz welcomes my new contributor! (Source: Jewcy.com)

Adam Duritz welcomes my new contributor! [Not really, obviously](Source: Jewcy.com)

In the future, I hope to broaden the spectrum of Chwomp with more contributors to give different points of views, and different writing styles, while still having the blog inherently be music based. I hope you welcome him with open arms when his first piece is posted!

Thanks for reading!

I Will Be Back Soon!

I apologize everyone for not posting a lick the past few days. I have been ill and felt that if I posted anything it would be nonsensical and bad.

Thanks for your patience!

Cracked Over 100 Followers!

Thank you all for the follows and the daily page views. I greatly appreciate it, and I love spreading my love for music to others who also love music (and Football/Pokémon when I post about that as well! :)). If there’s any music genre that I do not cover enough, please let me know and I will do a better job of blogging about it.

If you have any music loving friends tell them to follow me on WordPress, Facebook, or Twitter (@Chwompblog)!

Thanks again everyone!

Here’s some TLC!