Watch And Listen To This Terrible Geico Camel Song

Everyone knows about the Geico camel commercial. ‘Mike, guess what day it is?’ ‘Hump Day!!!!’ SO MUCH LULZ.

But really it’s annoying and so is this song. I’m just passing it along so you know whoever plays this in the future may have a few screws loose. Enjoy.


Watch: Lady Gaga’s Opening Monologue On SNL

She did a great job on Saturday Night Live last night. I like Lady Gaga, but I didn’t know if she had the ‘comedy’ in her to do well on a show like SNL. She blew me completely away in nearly all of her skits and performances; she’s quite funny and plays several personalities well (which was obvious in her performances before, but that is beside that point).

Her opening monologue pokes fun at two different types of applause: 1) genuine applause about a statement/comment/performance and 2) pandering applause such as ‘Let’s Give It Up For New York!’ She (well a SNL cast member) also makes light of her not wearing pants during performances.

Here’s her opening monologue:

Infographic: Grammy Winners For Album Of The Year By Genre

Below is a nifty infographic that I made using this website. I believe it is worth a look-see at the different genres that have won Album of the Year; granted the Grammy Awards normally neglect ‘good’ music (which is a very subjective term when describing anything) for more mainstream music, but there are several ‘good’ albums that have won Album of the year before. Click here to see the list of winners in it’s entirety.

This is a 'stacked' bar graph illustrating the Grammy winners of Album of the Year by their genres. The 1950s only has one winner because 1959 was the first year of the Grammy Awards; the 2010s only have four winners because it is only 2013.

This is a ‘stacked’ bar graph illustrating the Grammy winners of Album of the Year by their genres. The 1950s only has one winner because 1959 was the first year of the Grammy Awards; the 2010s only have four winners because it is only 2013. (Source for data)

I never would have guessed that Comedy of all genres would win an Album of the Year award, let alone two of them! I had a hard time deciding whether to conjoin Hip-hop/Rap, but I decided again it because each genre has separate qualities to it. It is also interesting to note the shift of music from the 1960s to now, as well as the  growing variety of genres for each decade of winners. If you have any questions about this infographic please let me know!

Note: Rap, Folk, and Rock have nearly the same identifying color in the above infographic, but Rap has won a total of 0 Album of the Year Award. I just placed Rap in this graph to show the breadth of music genres (and the above aren’t even all of them).

Note 2: In the 2010s, I selected the Taylor Swift album Fearless as being ‘Pop’ instead of ‘Country’; it could be argued that the album deserves one genre over the other, I apologize for not making that clearer in the original post.

Band of the Week: Ylvis!

Here are the previous ‘Band of the Week’ recipients.

All right, so technically Ylvis isn’t a band in the traditional sense, but a group rather – very similar to Lonely Island – that makes music. In fact, many [new] fans consider them the Norwegian Lonely Island. That’s pretty good company for Ylvis to be in as a comedic music group, but I’m going to elaborate more on Ylvis than just Ylvis being the Norwegian Lonely Island.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Brothers Vegard and Bård were born in Bergen, Norway; they were the younger brothers of a total of three. Both had an upbringing with classical music instruments, but decided to focus on comedy and song. They made the correct choice.

To help put forth their comedy and singing abilities, the brothers entered into various talent shows/variety shows and were very involved with the school theatre. In 2000, the duo was actually spotted by Peter Brandt and debuted as professionals at the Ole Bull Teater (yes, that’s spelled correctly).

The brothers took their show on the road after several performances at the Ole Bull Teater, and started to gain traction as national (Norway) talent. This segued the duo into various radio broadcasts, talk shows, and more variety shows at the Ole Bull Teater. Though very popular, the duo were becoming exceptionally popular – more than they could have imagined.

Their popularity could become even more exceptional, but I don’t believe the brothers thought that went they released ‘The Fox.’ ‘The Fox’ sent the duo’s popularity into the stratosphere. ‘The Fox’ is the dance-less, not as crazy Gangnam-Style of this fall, I believe. It’s hit the peak of how popular a viral song can get (sure it can go further, but this is pretty much as big as you can get).

But ‘The Fox’ isn’t their best song. Please, let me introduce you to ‘Stongehenge’:

What’s your opinion on Ylvis? Are they annoying, or just as good as Lonely Island?

Hump Day: 3 More Accounts To Follow On Twitter

I’m back at it again, trying to improve your time on Twitter.

In case you missed them, I have done this twice previously, here are the links to my other suggestions. Link. Link 2.

All right, let’s get started, shall we?


Now I know what you’re thinking, “Follow a guy named ‘@Pants’?  Why would I do that?”  Simple.  The guy is absolutely hilarious.  Not only does he provide humor through his tweets, he is also a fantastic comic strip artist and will occasionally illustrate hilarious tweets from other comedians.  This guy will make you laugh daily.  His art style is different, but it’s a good different that sets him apart from other online comic strip artists.  Check out his website Formal Sweatpants, as well!


That’s right!  Bill Nye “The Science Guy” is on Twitter, and he has been for some time.  If you love science, or just loved his show when you were a kid, you will be delighted at his tweets.  He normally shares to his followers what he is up to, where he’s at, and if he’ll be on a news station discussing certain scientific topics.  (He’s also a baseball fan!)  Please be careful, though, because there are several parody accounts of Bill Nye on Twitter, so look for the verified blue check next to his name!


Hightlight Magazine is a free monthly online magazine for music lovers.  They provide information on well-known artists, as well as lesser-known artists, so you will be treated to a wide variety of music, which is good because you should expand your music horizons as much as you can!  They tweet a decent amount per day, but not enough to be bothersome.  They are interactive, so tweet at them if you have any questions or praise!

Don’t like these suggestions, or want suggestions on other topics? Let me know in comments!

Orange Is The New Black: Best Show On Netflix

That’s right.  Orange Is The New Black is the best show on Netflix, and possibly even what cable offers (until Breaking Bad returns).  And incase you were wondering, the show was created by Jenji Kohan.  Yes, the same woman who brought us the delightful Weeds (though, personally I think Weeds started to lose it’s pizzazz after season 2).

The drama/comedy (to me it is a drama/comedy at least) is about 30 something Piper Chatman (Taylor Schilling) surrendering herself to a New York State prison on charges for drug smuggling. (Fun fact: Orange Is The New Black is based off the memoir of Piper Kerman)


Source: Orange Is The New Black IMDB page

I don’t want to ruin the show for you with too many spoilers, but every character is very likable (except Officer Mendez, and you’ll see what I mean when you watch) and you see their personal struggles.  Personal struggles that are very, very real to many women across this country.  The show does a very good job with nearly an all-female cast, a cast that features many excellent minority actors (the actress that plays ‘Tasty’ is the best!) and a cast that is relatively unknown (Jason Biggs, aforementioned Schilling, and Laura Prepon were the only ones I knew by name).

It’s not a rehash of Scared Straight (though the show does have an instance where the inmates have to scare teenagers ‘straight’), and it’s not gruesome, in the sense of violence.  Go watch all thirteen episodes over the weekend like I did last weekend! You won’t regret it! Binge!

3 Twitter Accounts You Should Follow

A few weeks back I wrote about how parody twitter accounts are an absolute pain on twitter because of how they steal original material from comedians, and constantly recycle old jokes/phrases.

Now I offer my wisdom on what accounts you should follow! (note: though some accounts are not verified, it is important to note that these accounts are not parody accounts even though the accounts do not have typical “names.”)


@HuffPoSpoilers falls for the “click-bait” that Huffington Post has set for articles that are tweets (or headlines in general) and shares them to his followers so we do not have click the link with a misleading article title.  @HuffPoSpoilers uncovers Huffington Post stories on celebrities, popular new stories, and other news that are making headlines through the many Huffington Post twitter accounts.


Chelsea Peretti is a comedian and a very random one at that.  Her randomness is what makes her so endearing; she is definitely herself and I love that a comedian can be funny and real at the same time.  Like I said twice, she is random, but very hysterical (and a heavy user of caps).  She also has a podcast that is equally as funny as random as her tweets.  Follow her for funny.


Buzzfeed, like Huffington Post, is a news site, but also an entertainment site.  Buzzfeed is like the sillier and lighthearted brother/sister of any and all news sites.  Typically Buzzfeed will post links to stories about such things as “30 Ways That You Know You’re Almost 30!” and then show 30 pictures, or GIFs, illustrating how you may be almost thirty.  Buzzfeed does run serious stories and you can tell if the story will be serious or not right from the article title.  If you want news along with GIFs of cats, then Buzzfeed is a great pick.