I Apologize For The Hiatus

Hello music lovers! I apologize I haven’t posted since ‘Nam, but I am back!

I had been dealing with some personal issues, but I am back on track to be enjoying life. There may be a few more kinks ahead for me, which may cause me to take brief breaks from the blog, but please stick with me and I’ll produce for you! There are two excellent reviews from contributors Dan and Keith that I will be posting later today so stay tuned and tell your friends all about Chwomp!

Here’s a favorite song of mine for your listening pleasure:

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Ten Year Anniversary For Blink-182 Untitled Album

Ten years ago Blink-182 released their untitled album (though it is known as a self-titled album to a few – notably lyric sites) that contained classics such as Feeling This, I Miss You, Violence, Stockholm Syndrome, etc. The entire album is a classic, okay! Here are several stories featuring Blink-182 from the past few days:

Picture slideshow from SPIN magazine

‘No joke, Blink-182 finds a happy mix between passion and parties’ from LA Times

Blink-182 Reflect On ‘Untitled’ Album A Decade Later from Alice @ 97.3

Here is their tour schedule for ‘Untitled’ 10th Anniversary

Blink-182 joined by LL Cool J onstage in Los Angeles from NME

If you can narrow it down, what’s your favorite song from their Untitled album? For me it is this song:

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November 18th: Music News

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Alternative Press: ALBUM REVIEW: Polar Bear Club – Death Chorus

Expect mine in a week or so.

Alternative Press: Album Premiere: Everyone Dies In Utah, ‘Neutral Ground’

Buzzfeed: This is what Google thinks of your personal music taste

This is actually hilarious. Good work for once, Buzzfeed Music.

Highlight Magazine: Five Best Concept Albums

Kerrang!: A Day To Remember are playing a special acoustic set in the Kerrang! office tomorrow and you can win ‘tickets’

This is cool, but Kerrang! is based in London.

Music Connection: “Can’t expect too much when you play a new venue..impress the people there & hope they invite you back.”

NME: No-one ever put out a request for an indie Pet Shop Girls, but thank goodness The Blow decided to do it anyway

NME: Rapper who started beef with ‘X Factor”s James Arthur says ‘I feel no remorse at all’

Rolling Stone: Angel Haze talks about her debut ‘Dirty Gold’ and why she wants to be like Tracy Chapman

Rolling Stone: Watch video of Kanye West speaking to design students at Harvard

Mostly fashion talk, but still an interesting video.

SPIN Magazine: Jamie xx gets funky on “Untitled” Berlin set rip

SPIN Magazine: The Beatles flee legions of fans in throwback “Words of Love” video

As always, if you have any pertinent music news, or want us to post more about a certain artist/band/genre/magazine, let us know in the comments section!

Here’s Death Cab For Cutie with ‘Title and Registration’:

3,000 Views Just This Month!

That’s right, you all (including other Interneters through other means) have viewed Chwomp over 3000 times this month! That’s nearly half of the total views since I began this blog in May; though early July was when I truly started to work out the kinks of the blog and began to find my niche.

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Thanks, again.

Over 5000 Views!

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Chwomp also has hit 2000 views in a single month for the first time ever as well!

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Here’s some TLC!

Thursday Thoughts: 5 Annoyances

I try my best not to get annoyed with the “little things” because you’re supposed to enjoy the “little things.”  But lately there have been things that really annoy me.  Specifically here are five things.


Like really, why doesn’t your website have a section for comments?  Even a section where you have to login?  I like to be able to read other opinions on the matter; maybe a commenter can provide a link to a story that has a different view, or a link disproving what is being posted; maybe I wanted to argue with someone (sometimes I just can’t help it on the internet!); or just maybe I want to see some funny comments said about the subject matter of the article.

I do, however, completely understand when there are no comment sections for controversial stories (such as the Casey Anthony Trial, or the Trayvon Martin Trial) because there is a good chance you’re giving some racist, or asshole, an even bigger stage to be a racist, or asshole, than on an article about a blender or folk music.


I was on Facebook today (ugh, big mistake already) and I noticed a serial ‘candid’ photo taker’s photo’s were in my news feed. (In case you haven’t picked up on it I’m putting quotations around candid because they’re obviously not candid.)  This just bugs me because you look like a politician, it’s very plastic and fake to do this.  It may just be a silly pet peeve, but it just irks me when someone does this because you are not showing your real self (and I do realize that no one wants to put up ugly pictures of themselves, it’s just that you’re trying to make them seem candid photos when they are not at all.)


Seriously, businesses, why do you do this?  I’m filling out your application picks out certain words or qualities that you want in a certain prospective employees, but why do I have to send in my resume as well?  It’s just asinine, especially because I know you’re probably not even going to read it even though it takes me roughly 25 minutes to finish one of your applications instead of less than a minute of me sending in my already finished resume.



I have been watching sports since I was a wee lad, and I have always been taught to “give it your all, every play.”  And I have lived by that, especially when playing sports.  So when I started to actually know what was going on during sports, let’s say age 10~, I began to get upset when Ken Griffey Jr. or Adam Dunn wouldn’t run down to first base.  I realize you guys are bigger (Junior didn’t use to be) and it takes more of your energy, but you running it out to first could make or break a game, make or break a season!  Just hustle because you’re getting paid millions of dollars to play a game.  I realize that this game takes up a large portion of your life, but millions of people would play for significantly less than you’re getting paid to do.


I know girls get hit on a lot, especially by creepy dudes.  (I have two sisters and they were constantly being hit on throughout Middle School and High School by interesting fellows, and they had an interesting assortment of boyfriends, but that’s beside the point.) What I’m getting at is, is that guys need to STOP BEING SO CREEPY.  Don’t instantly add a woman on Facebook because it shows you’re needy and she likely didn’t tell you her last name; don’t comment “so hot” “ur [sic] so stunning” “want 2 date?” on ANY of their pictures on ANY social media site because women that only like compliments about their physical build are no good (and you look creepy to all her FB friends!); and finally, don’t talk about overly sexual topics because, while sometimes sexual innuendo is funny, there is a line and you creepy guys usually cross it.

I’m saying this because it’s hard to give an honest compliment to someone anymore without that person believing you’re hitting on them, so just stop it.