I Apologize For The Hiatus

Hello music lovers! I apologize I haven’t posted since ‘Nam, but I am back!

I had been dealing with some personal issues, but I am back on track to be enjoying life. There may be a few more kinks ahead for me, which may cause me to take brief breaks from the blog, but please stick with me and I’ll produce for you! There are two excellent reviews from contributors Dan and Keith that I will be posting later today so stay tuned and tell your friends all about Chwomp!

Here’s a favorite song of mine for your listening pleasure:

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I’m Back!

I apologize for not posting a single thing the past few days, I had been helping two friends move into their new apartment, and was with them all weekend.  It was fun, but I’m glad to be back and able to blog again!

Nonetheless, I will make up for missing certain weekly posts that I do every single week.  There may be myriad posts today by me, so be prepared people.