Johnny Knoxville To Star In ‘Jackass: Bad Grandpa’

Alternative Press tweeted this less than twenty minutes ago.

At first I thought it was a band named ‘Jackass’ or ‘Bad Grandpa,’ but after I clicked the link to the story it revealed that it’s a trailer for Johnny Knoxville playing his old man character, Irving Zisman.  This could be a good, funny movie to see this fall, but I always thought that gags like this did well because they were between other gags and acts of stupidity.  Who knows, though, it could be hilarious.

‘Bad Grandpa’ is going the route of ‘Borat,’ where the main character (Knoxville as Zisman) stays in character while causing disorder, or awkwardness with unassuming people.  It usually ends terribly for everyone, except the audience.

Check out the trailer below.