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Please watch the below video of ‘Red v. Blue‘ before you read this. (Hell, you may not even have to read this after watching the video because it personifies my thoughts about Congress pretty damn well.)

For those who have never seen Red vs. Blue, it was a YouTube series created around 2003. It centered on the video game ‘Halo: Combat Evolved’ as a fictional, comedic series involving many characters and stories. The general attitude of the videos is described effectively in the video I have provided for you.

Almost a week after the government has re-opened, I felt it was the right time to throw my two cents into this whole ordeal. I am not going to talk about certain issues or agendas that Congress has but simply this: it is literally the Red Republicans versus the Blue Democrats. George Washington warned us in his farewell address that a rise in political parties would be detrimental to our government and society. Well, I think, wherever good old Georgie is, that he is laughing his ass off and saying, “I told you so.”

"I told you so." - George Washington (Source)

“I told you so.” – George Washington (Source)

Now, let me come to the defense of the parties just to keep things fair. The original concept of Congressional representatives, Senators and House members alike, was simple: take an ordinary citizen, a farmer, merchant, etc., that was deemed a viable voice by his community and send him to Washington to discuss and fight for the needs of his community; then after the talking and voting were over they would return home and continue their lives. That worked for a country the size of the original thirteen colonies. However, as our country grew ever larger, the edges of the map began being filled in, and more people began popping up every day – a problem began to arise. It became increasingly difficult for people to travel long distances for Congressional hearings, but also with there being more people it became hard to speak for all of the people. Here we begin to see that political parties are inevitable. Parties are incredibly efficient because they allow for individuals with common beliefs to come together and create legislation. So, in a world like today, political parties, in a reality, make sense.

HOWEVER (Caps mean this is serious business, people), the parties have strayed far from their intended purpose. They run rampant with our taxes, gerrymander, sling mud, and basically drive our country into the filth that whence came from my bowels. The scary part, folks, is that they make up 99% of Congress, the Reds and the Blues. Every bill that comes through seemingly plays out like the video at the beginning of this piece. Reds and Blues all fight over some meaningless issue that they hold to a Deity like level.

This latest shutdown was exactly that: petty fighting just because one is Blue and the other Red. This pettiness seeps out into the regular population and the fighting continues there. House Speaker John Boehner is quoted in saying “We fought the good fight…” in regards to the shutdown.

WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?! Seriously? You think this is a game? The Reds and Blues do realize that they displaced hundreds of thousands of people for two weeks (could have been much longer) because of the endless bickering; finger pointing, nit-picking, lobbying for changes, additions, cancellations of the most random, pointless items. They almost brought our country to its first default and China was calling for a “De-Americanized” world. The worst part of it all is that during the shutdown when all of those people stopped getting paid, ALL of Congress still received full pay – millions of dollars still being paid to the very people that caused the whole incident. Then, they have the audacity to pat themselves on the back for saving the country from ultimate crisis. Unbelievable. Washington was right, these parties, the Reds and the Blues, will be the inevitable downfall of our country.

Congress has never had the greatest approval ratings, but the approval ratings are currently at a historic low.

Congress has never had the greatest approval ratings, but the approval ratings are currently at a historic low. (Source)

There is still blame to be put on the citizens, though. We keep re-electing these jag-offs. We keep complaining about Congress, and polls every year show a record low in approval ratings across the board. So, we are partly to blame for all of this. If we really want to make a difference, vote out the current members. Completely overhaul the whole damn thing; that is our Constitutional right, you know. All I know is that when voting season comes back around I will make an effort to raise awareness and encourage citizens to vote out current members. We need to be careful though, not to replace one scumball with another.

I was once proud by the fact that I am an American. But now, my current feelings to being so are expressed pretty well by Macklemore in his song ‘American.’ I’m embarrassed, disgusted even, that I live here. What do I have to be proud of right now? Someone enlighten me.

-The Rambler

(If you would like to contact your representative, but do not know who your representative is, please click this link!)

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