I Apologize For The Hiatus

Hello music lovers! I apologize I haven’t posted since ‘Nam, but I am back!

I had been dealing with some personal issues, but I am back on track to be enjoying life. There may be a few more kinks ahead for me, which may cause me to take brief breaks from the blog, but please stick with me and I’ll produce for you! There are two excellent reviews from contributors Dan and Keith that I will be posting later today so stay tuned and tell your friends all about Chwomp!

Here’s a favorite song of mine for your listening pleasure:

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Apology For Not Posting The Past Few Days

I apologize to those that follow this blog. I have been busy with family activities, job applications, and life in general. It has been quite taxing and I have neglected the blog, but don’t fret friends because I will be getting back at it as best as I can this coming week, with special care towards to the ‘best of’ pieces. Thanks for hanging around; it truly means a lot.

Here’s ‘Inside Out’ by Eve 6. It’s a great song and I hope you enjoy it, I assume that most ’90s kids’ have heard it though!

Sunday Night Thinking

There are nights where I absolutely hate myself.

I don’t even know why, but I dread looking at myself in the mirror.  I just can’t help it some nights, but I have come to realize that life is not so bad, even when it sometimes is.

I have, for some reason, always wanted a stereotypical life ever since I was little.  I wanted the girlfriend then wife before I turned 21 (weird I know), I wanted kids (weird for a guy I know), and a house in the suburbs (not that weird I guess).  Now I look back and want to slap myself.  Those are quite possibly the DUMBEST things to reach for in your life.  I’m sorry if those are your only goals in life, but that’s PA-thetic of you.

Even when I’m down, I tell myself that if I had reached those goals that I wanted when I was little then I would have been A MILLION times more miserable.  Your life shouldn’t be over by the time you turn twenty.  You’re just beginning everything and you’ve got plenty more time to expand upon it.