How Much Do You Know About Geography?

This isn’t going to be a quiz for anyone reading this, but rather the title of this post would be the title of a show or video that I have always wanted to make while I was in university.  I was too lazy to pull the trigger because I was afraid none of my friends would help me with the production of it, even though I would just need one friend to carry around the camera on the tripod!

Nonetheless, I have noticed that Americans lack proper or even remote knowledge on geography, among other things.  Being a geographer this makes me very sad because geography is very beautiful and wonderful once a person understands it.  Geography isn’t necessarily just about GIS (Geographic Information Systems/Science), nor is it just about knowing the capitals of countries.  Geography is great when it comes to travel (understanding certain landscapes can make travelling more enjoyable), culture (again, will make travelling more enjoyable), business (“Why is business X where it’s at and succeeding, but building Z in that location and failing?”), music (Jazz in New Orleans, Hip-hop in Atlanta, Country in Nashville, etc.), and on and on and on!

The purpose of this quiz like show or video series would not be meant to shame Americans, but rather to enlighten and show them there is more to geography than just toponyms.