‘Bill Nye The Science Guy’ First Aired 20 Years Ago Today

That’s right.  The show that made science so wonderfully fun began airing 20 years ago today on PBS – I didn’t realize I was actually older than the show. That makes me sad, and feeling super old.

Awesome job, Bill Nye. You’re the man that made me enjoy science, even today. Huzzah! Science rules! (Good luck in ‘Dancing With The Stars’ too! I normally dislike that show, but I’m pulling for you!)

Here’s the intro to ‘Bill Nye The Science Guy’:


Hump Day: 3 More Accounts To Follow On Twitter

I’m back at it again, trying to improve your time on Twitter.

In case you missed them, I have done this twice previously, here are the links to my other suggestions. Link. Link 2.

All right, let’s get started, shall we?


Now I know what you’re thinking, “Follow a guy named ‘@Pants’?  Why would I do that?”  Simple.  The guy is absolutely hilarious.  Not only does he provide humor through his tweets, he is also a fantastic comic strip artist and will occasionally illustrate hilarious tweets from other comedians.  This guy will make you laugh daily.  His art style is different, but it’s a good different that sets him apart from other online comic strip artists.  Check out his website Formal Sweatpants, as well!


That’s right!  Bill Nye “The Science Guy” is on Twitter, and he has been for some time.  If you love science, or just loved his show when you were a kid, you will be delighted at his tweets.  He normally shares to his followers what he is up to, where he’s at, and if he’ll be on a news station discussing certain scientific topics.  (He’s also a baseball fan!)  Please be careful, though, because there are several parody accounts of Bill Nye on Twitter, so look for the verified blue check next to his name!


Hightlight Magazine is a free monthly online magazine for music lovers.  They provide information on well-known artists, as well as lesser-known artists, so you will be treated to a wide variety of music, which is good because you should expand your music horizons as much as you can!  They tweet a decent amount per day, but not enough to be bothersome.  They are interactive, so tweet at them if you have any questions or praise!

Don’t like these suggestions, or want suggestions on other topics? Let me know in comments!