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That’s right, you all (including other Interneters through other means) have viewed Chwomp over 3000 times this month! That’s nearly half of the total views since I began this blog in May; though early July was when I truly started to work out the kinks of the blog and began to find my niche.

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Thanks, again.

Fun Sports Twitter Accounts To Follow

Are you a sports fan?

Are you on twitter?

Want some more sports teams to follow?

Below I have listed several sports twitter accounts that you should follow if you love sports!  Granted it would help with a few of the accounts if you were a fan, but nonetheless they are great accounts to follow because they are fun, interactive, and very proactive on twitter.

Now this first pick may be a biased pick, but…

Follow @Reds the Cincinnati Reds Twitter account:

Sport: Baseball

Not only does the Cincinnati Reds twitter account keep you updated when a game is occurring, it also gives a slew of statistics about the team throughout the game, offers up prizes occasionally, and lets you know when a bobblehead day is forthcoming!  The account will typically answer fan questions, and will do fun interactive things like “Tweet us your favorite Reds player of all-time” then retweet fans.

The next account you should follow is… @Raysbaseball the Tampa Bay Rays twitter account:

Sport: Baseball

What’s great about this team’s twitter account is that they’re not afraid to go there.  They have been known to make snarky tweets, and troll-like tweets (like the one above), but not to the point where they’re annoying.  Their tweets are usually lighthearted and fun to read.

If you like college basketball and heavily against how the NCAA handles “student-athletes” you should follow.. @JayBIlas

Sport: College Basketball, and rightfully calling out the NCAA

Mr. Bilas is a very intelligent college basketball announcer and a complete hero when it comes to defending student-athletes when the NCAA tries to push them around.  Bilas figured out that when a college player’s name is searched on the NCAA’s e-commerce site it sends you straight to that athlete’s jersey, even though the NCAA explicitly says it does not profit off the student-athletes.  Yeah, good one.  If you want insightful tweets follow Jay Bilas.

The next twitter account that you should follow has been mentioned before, but you should follow… @Deadspin

The Cleveland Browns are a living allegory of everything wrong with America (and other reasons they suck): http://t.co/tJBccEciU5

Now if you’re into sports, but don’t like the mainstream sports shows on ESPN, or soon to be Fox Sports 1, then Deadspin is for you.  Granted it isn’t a show but a website dedicated to sports stories and normally sports stories people will turn into fluff.  Plenty of colorful language on Deadspin, but who cares really?

Know of more interesting sports twitter accounts?  Comment below and let me know!

August 7th: Music Links

Here is a round-up of music related stories in tweet form!

If there is any music news that you know about, comment below and I’ll add it to the rest!

My Progress With The Acoustic Guitar

I have read in multiple mediums that posting about whatever project you are working towards (losing weight, quitting smoking, fixing your car, etc.) on social media will help motivate you as you strive towards your goals.  So here I am posting about my progress on learning how to play the guitar.

Previous experience with guitar:

I took a beginners course on guitar as a fun elective for my last semester of college, but it became one of the busiest semesters of my life.  I was bogged down with work, a major term project, and two group projects.  I know those are just excuses, but I decided that I would focus on the real schoolwork and eventually get to practicing the guitar when I got the chance.  I learned a few chords, as well as some tips on how to hold the guitar, and somewhat how to read music.  So it wasn’t a complete waste of time.

Currently I know the chords: A7, Am7, Am, C, D, D7, E, E7, Em, G, G7, and somewhat have the grasp on B7, Dm, and F.

My biggest problem is switching my finger placement between chords.  I can get them in the right place, but then I am either too far from the fret bar to create the correct sound, or accidently mute a string with one of my fingers.  I’ll get there though!

Guitar Info:

It’s an acoustic Fender Starcaster (bought October 2012) and looks just like the picture below.  It is a bit cumbersome, but I work around that the best I can.  The strings have never been replaced and I wonder at times that if I replace them then sound quality will improve.

I bought mine through Amazon.com and it came with five Fender guitar picks, a string replacement, and a manual tuner (though I bought an automatic one).

I bought mine through Amazon.com and it came with five Fender guitar picks, a string replacement, and a manual tuner (though I bought an automatic one).


Being able to play one of my favorite songs acoustically.  That song would be Cute Without The E (Cut From the Team) by Taking Back Sunday. I can do the intro guitar riffs relatively well now, and I’m trying to move on to the chorus.

Hump Day: 3 More Accounts To Follow On Twitter

I’m back at it again, trying to improve your time on Twitter.

In case you missed them, I have done this twice previously, here are the links to my other suggestions. Link. Link 2.

All right, let’s get started, shall we?


Now I know what you’re thinking, “Follow a guy named ‘@Pants’?  Why would I do that?”  Simple.  The guy is absolutely hilarious.  Not only does he provide humor through his tweets, he is also a fantastic comic strip artist and will occasionally illustrate hilarious tweets from other comedians.  This guy will make you laugh daily.  His art style is different, but it’s a good different that sets him apart from other online comic strip artists.  Check out his website Formal Sweatpants, as well!


That’s right!  Bill Nye “The Science Guy” is on Twitter, and he has been for some time.  If you love science, or just loved his show when you were a kid, you will be delighted at his tweets.  He normally shares to his followers what he is up to, where he’s at, and if he’ll be on a news station discussing certain scientific topics.  (He’s also a baseball fan!)  Please be careful, though, because there are several parody accounts of Bill Nye on Twitter, so look for the verified blue check next to his name!


Hightlight Magazine is a free monthly online magazine for music lovers.  They provide information on well-known artists, as well as lesser-known artists, so you will be treated to a wide variety of music, which is good because you should expand your music horizons as much as you can!  They tweet a decent amount per day, but not enough to be bothersome.  They are interactive, so tweet at them if you have any questions or praise!

Don’t like these suggestions, or want suggestions on other topics? Let me know in comments!

Just Apply For Jobs. Anywhere.

I know, I know.  Another job post. But this one isn’t all doom and gloom as the other ones!

I didn’t heed this advice until about a few weeks ago because I was determined to get a job in my field, or at least my minor’s field. (Geography, and marketing respectively.)  Now I am just applying anywhere I can, but with some restraint on what company and what position.  I’m not going to apply to become VP of Google because that would be an excruciating waste of time, unless I wanted their job board selectors to have a nice laugh.

With that said I have been applying to positions where I have skills that I did not necessarily learn in college (some I did), but either learned in my free time or during high school.  These include: video editing, social media, writing/blogging, internet research skills, Microsoft Office Suite, among other skills.  I also have been trying to pursue a job in things that I have a great interest in, but may not the highest aptitude for a certain position: music and sports, particularly.

I’m just trying to find my place!