Ten Year Anniversary For Blink-182 Untitled Album

Ten years ago Blink-182 released their untitled album (though it is known as a self-titled album to a few – notably lyric sites) that contained classics such as Feeling This, I Miss You, Violence, Stockholm Syndrome, etc. The entire album is a classic, okay! Here are several stories featuring Blink-182 from the past few days:

Picture slideshow from SPIN magazine

‘No joke, Blink-182 finds a happy mix between passion and parties’ from LA Times

Blink-182 Reflect On ‘Untitled’ Album A Decade Later from Alice @ 97.3

Here is their tour schedule for ‘Untitled’ 10th Anniversary

Blink-182 joined by LL Cool J onstage in Los Angeles from NME

If you can narrow it down, what’s your favorite song from their Untitled album? For me it is this song:

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