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Pokémon of the Week: Mew!

Here are the previous ‘Pokémon of the Week’ recipients.

As suggested by my friend Sablei (check out their blog!), the Pokémon of the week this week is none other than Mew!

Mew is known as the 'New Species' Pokémon, and is genderless. (Source)

Mew is known as the ‘New Species’ Pokémon, and is genderless. (Source)

Mew is a legendary psychic type, and is a standalone Pokémon (this is standard with nearly all legendary Pokémon, aside from Manaphy and Phione). It shares a relation with Mewtwo, but not through any ‘evolution’ method; rather DNA taken from Mew (no one ever explains how the Team Rocket scientists get the DNA, though; Per Sabelei: ‘You said it is unknown where Team Rocket got Mew’s DNA but it was stated in the first movie that they found Mew’s eyelash when in Africa’) was used to create a clone of Mew so that Team Rocket could harness the power from Mew to take over the regions of Kanto and Johto. Instead Team Rocket got one really angry Mewtwo, and Mewtwo was rightfully angry.

It has never been officially confirmed by Game Freak, but there is a fan theory out there that Ditto are actually failed Mew clones! This is how the theory goes (from Fantendo):

  1. They are both pink. Although this does not prove much, it is possible that when Mew was being cloned in the creation of Mewtwo that the same color of Mew was necessary to make the Mewtwo-in-creation. Their shiny forms also both happen to be blue.
  2. They both know transform, and can technically both learn any move. It is possible that Mewtwo was supposed to know transform to make a successful clone. However, the real Mewtwo does not know Transform.
  3. They both weigh the same: 8.8 lbs. To make a successful clone, perhaps it was necessary for the two to weigh the same.
  4. Ditto’s appearance of a scientific blob – Ditto appears to have been man-made. However, there are more than one Ditto, speculating that it may reproduce asexually.
  5. Mewtwo’s Bio – Mewtwo was said to be the only successful copy of Mew, speculating that Ditto may be a failed clone.
  6. Ditto in the Pokémon Mansion. In Pokémon Yellow, the wild Pokémon roster for the burned out Pokémon Mansion on Cinnabar Island (where Mewtwo was implied to have been created) was updated to feature Ditto, speculating that Ditto may have been created in the Mansion as well. This change was carried over to Fire Red and Leaf Green, the remakes of the original Pokémon Red and Blue.
  7. Mew is said to contain the DNA of every single Pokemon, while Ditto can essentially breed with every single Pokémon (with very few exceptions outside of legendary Pokémon).
  8. Both Mew and Ditto have base stats that are the same in every category. Mew has 100 base in each stat, while Ditto has 48 base. The failed cloning process may have resulted in such diminished stats.

Quite intriguing and it seems plausible, but remember the above does not whatsoever mean that Ditto are failed Mew clones. It’s just a fan theory, though a solid one.

This is a Mew from Lucaro and the Mystery of Mew! What a happy little guy. (Source)

This is a Mew from Lucaro and the Mystery of Mew! What a happy little guy. (Source)

Mew is unique in the sense that it can learn any TM, or HM, and any move from a move tutors (minus moves specific to a type like Draco Meteor), and is the only Pokémon other than Ditto that can learn Transform (as mentioned above). Mew is supposedly the ancestor to all Pokémon, which is why it can learn nearly every move in the Pokémon world. With it being Psychic type, it is super effective against fighting and poison types, but is weak to bug, dark, and ghost types. The rationale behind those three weakness are that they are common things the mind is afraid of, or to put it simply they’re common phobias – which is a mental (which is psychic type represents, mostly) feature.

Here’s a brief summary of Mew’s biological makeup:

Mew is a pink, bipedal Pokémon with mammalian features. Its snout is short and wide and it has triangular ears and large, blue eyes. It has three-fingered paws, large feet with oval markings on the soles, and a long, thin tail ending in an ovoid tip. Its hair is so fine and thin, it can only be seen under a microscope. It has a long, skinny tail ending with a rounded tip. Mew has big hind legs and short arms with three-fingered paws. Mew is said to have the DNA of every single Pokémon contained within its body, and as such is able to learn any attack.

I am unsure if Mew will get a mega evolution like it’s clone, but I would not be surprised if it did since most popular Pokémon are getting mega evolutions – some look good, some look bad. There have been zero rumors around Mew getting a mega evolution, however.

As always I will include some art from deviantArt and as always, all the credit goes to the artist and you should donate to them if you can! This week’s artist is aocom (CHECK OUT THEIR AWESOME ART!) and it’s a very cute picture.

The ancestor of Pokémon is such a cutie, isn't it? (Source)

The ancestor of Pokémon is such a cutie, isn’t it? (Source)

And that wraps ‘er up right there! Next week Eevee will be featured!

If you have any suggestions for the week after that please let me know in the comments! Also, let your Pokémon friends know about these weekly posts and have them follow!

The Ohio State Marching Band Is Amazing

Here is Ohio State’s marching band. They’re amazing.

What makes them amazing, is not necessarily the music (it’s not bad though!), but rather their formations while performing! Last year they did a video game tribute, the first home game of this year they did a Disney themed tribute, last week they did a Michael Jackson tribute, and this week they did a ‘blockbuster’ tribute with many famous movies involved! The band even takes a shot at arch-rival Michigan. It’s really enjoyable, even if you’re not a fan of Ohio State, or football in general.


Speculation On Next Pokémon Game (Already!)

It is almost certain that Game Freak will give us all another game involving the Kalos region. Many believe it will be simply ‘Pokémon Z’ with the legendary represented by Z on the cover, or that it will be X2 and Y2 with the focus on an altered legendary (like Kyurem in B2/W2). Open and shut case, right?

Not so fast my friend.

Apparently Marriland, believes that Game Freak will be giving us an entirely new region in the next game (that would be a sequel to X/Y) already! What?! Madness. But he brings up pretty good, although most are flimsy, points in the below video. Watch it and tell me what you think.

I think the berry part is interesting, but it could be hinting at a new ‘Dream World’ type device. I do hope there are more than 69 new Pokémon (a new legendary trio has been pretty much confirmed, by the way), or at least more mega evolutions.

What do you think?

What’s Missing In Pokémon X/Y?

Pokémon X/Y has brought us Pokéfans into the 3D realm, and it has been an incredible trip just under a week since its release (well there were several that got the copy before the release date, though). I have loved every minute playing Pokémon X & Y and love the enormous Kalos Regional Pokédex – being broken down into three Pokédexes also is a great feature. Being able to create a stellar team with new favorites (Chesnaught, Tyrantrum), old favorites (Blastoise, Alakazam), and a chance to use Pokémon I have never even thought of using on a team before (Drifblim, Roserade, among others). It has truly been a fun experience and I have only just beaten the Elite 4, so there is still some post game to entertain me. But I still have this slight uneasiness about the game, like Game Freak has missed on a few things that would have made the game somehow even better.

Note: All of these could change with DLC.

(These are my opinions; I don’t care if you disagree with them, but please give me reasons why you disagree, if you do disagree with me.)

1. Real Evolutions For Previous Gen Pokémon

I was first very against the mega-evolutions, but that quickly faded once I saw the great possibilities and power of the mega-evolutions – also that a player can only have one Pokémon in mega form at a time.

Yet I feel like several Pokémon got the shaft of getting a real evolution; some didn’t even get a mega evolution [yet]. Here is a brief list of Pokémon that I believe deserved real evolutions, or pre-evolutions:

Why couldn't this little cutie get a real evolution? (It still may get a mega evolution, though; source)

Why couldn’t this little cutie get a real evolution? (It still may get a mega evolution, though; source)

  • Qwilfish
  • Sableye
  • Farfetch’d
  • Dunsparce (Didn’t get fairy typing either)
  • Mawile (Its mega-evolution is neat, so is the re-typing, but it should have received a real evolution)
  • Jynx
  • Mr. Mime
  • Tropius
  • Banette (Again, totally stellar mega-evolution but has room to have a real evolution)
  • Carnivine

There are more that I believe should get real evolutions, or pre-evolutions, but I shan’t bore you with a cumbersome list

2. Walking Pokémon

I know it’s purely cosmetic and just one of those awesome ‘bells and whistles’ features in Heart Gold and Soul Silver, but it would have been really spectacular to have walking Pokémon. Not necessary whatsoever, so this is more of a ‘want’ miss than really a ‘need’ miss.

This could be rather difficult with a 3D world and Game Freak’s first foray into a 3D world so I can give them a pass; plus I think Pokémon Amie supplanted walking Pokémon in the sense that you get to ‘pet’, ‘feed’, and ‘play’ with your Pokémon on Amie now.

3. Wifi Tag Battles

This has been a feature I have wanted since Generation 1 (at least with the USB connectors!). Why can’t my friend and I go up against two other Pokémon friends in a double battle if we all have wifi connection? It was possible in the Unova Battle Subway against computer trainers, but don’t we have the technology to make every trainer in a tag double battle be real?

How much fun would that be? It would take some stupendous strategy and balance between each other’s team, and boy would it be terrific. There could even be tag double battle events that are held along with the regular in person events. I think it would be a lot of fun, and would add a new dimension to the games. You would finally be able to actually play with your friend, instead of against them.

4. Wonder Trade Balance

Wonder Trade etiquette has been talked about on reddit frequently, as well as in person with friends that play the game.  My friends have said they will ‘stay away from Wonder Trade until it gets balanced, or people stop putting up entry level Pokémon.’

What do they mean by ‘balanced’ you may ask?

Well what I discerned from them claiming balance is needed is that if you put a level 5 Bunnelby in Wonder Trade you should only be able to receive a Pokémon of that same rarity, and/or the same general level range. Or if you trade a level 55 Graveler, you could receive Pokémon between the levels of 41 and 59. Just to somewhat get the same quality that you put through the Wonder Trade.

Though, that is what’s brilliant about the Wonder Trade – you’re never quite sure what you’re going to get, but it’s likely a Weedle or Panpour.

5. Being Able To Change An Already Nicknamed Pokémon*

*If it’s from a different country. I’m perfectly fine with a Dunsparce named ‘Issac’ or something different, but it’s hard for me to connect with a Pokémon named ガイ. It could be a sign that I need to broaden my horizons and learn Japanese (and other languages), but unless you want to pay for Rosetta Stone I’d like to be able to rename the Pokémon. Heck I’d be perfectly fine if it just went back to the English name of the Pokémon.

It’s not a game breaking miss for Game Freak, but it’s still an irksome part of these wonderful games.


Here’s a Pikachu with a mustache for your troubles! (Artist’s deviantArt page)

What features do you think Game Freak ‘missed’ in likely the best Pokémon game of all-time?

Pokémon of the Week: Mewtwo!

Here are previous ‘Pokémon of the Week.’


In honor of the night before the official release of Pokémon X/Y I figured that the Pokémon with the richest backstory deserves some recognition on here. Also, Mewtwo got some sick mega evolutions!

Here is the Mewtwo that every knows, even the people that stopped playing Pokémon. (Source: Bulbapedia)

Here is the Mewtwo that every knows, even the people that stopped playing Pokémon. (Source: Bulbapedia)

Mewtwo is the third Pokémon from Generation 1 to be ‘Pokémon of the Week’ (Pikachu; Charizard), and only the second Legendary to be ‘Pokémon of the Week’ (Darkrai). I apologize if I come across as a ‘Genwunner,’ but I swear I am not! I just believe the Pokémon I have selected from Generation 1 are very important to the universe of Pokémon.

Mewtwo is a standalone Pokémon (in the traditional evolution sense) and is Psychic type Pokémon. Mewtwo is always a very high leveled Pokémon, unless hacked, so it adds to the immense power that Mewtwo has and exudes. It is weak to Dark-Type, Ghost-Type, and Bug-Type attacks, and is super effective against Fighting-Type and Poison-Type.

Here is Mewtwo’s backstory right from Bulbapedia:

According to the scientific logs found in the Pokémon Mansion of Cinnabar Island, Mewtwo was born of a pregnant Mew, found deep in the jungles of Guyana, whose embryo had been tampered with to alter its DNA. It was held and studied in the mansion where the scientists, including Blaine and Mr. Fuji, performed horrific gene-splicing experiments that made it vicious and extremely powerful. It eventually broke free of the Mansion, destroying it in the process, and fled. It can be encountered in Cerulean Cave, accessible only after a Trainer has proven his or her skill at the Indigo Plateau.

There is a longer explanation about Mewtwo and it’s back story but this will suffice for a short summary. It’s always humorous when Pokémon refers real world places (Guyana).

Still, though, Mewtwo’s life is one that came with a lot of unnecessary pain and anguish. I always felt horrible for Mewtwo, and wanted to be it’s friend so terribly. Alas, Mewtwo is just a sprite (sad face).

Mewtwo is being reignited in Generation Six with two mega evolutions.

Here is a quick explanation on how Mega Evolution works.

This is Mewtwo - X. It is Psychic/Fighting. (Photo Credit: Bulbapedia)

This is Mewtwo – X. It is Psychic/Fighting. (Photo Credit: Bulbapedia)

Mewtwo X can only be found in Pokémon X (go figure, huh?) and looks more like the original Mewtwo. Several Pokémon fans speculate that this Mewtwo Megalution is more genetically modified than the other, continuing the process of making Mewtwo stronger through science. The attack stat is boosted for Mewtwo X.

This is Mewtwo - Y. It is pure psychic type. (Photo Credit: Bulbapedia)

This is Mewtwo – Y. It is pure psychic type. (Photo Credit: Bulbapedia)

Here is Mewtwo Y. Unlike the other Megalution, this one does get an extra typing, but gets a boost in special attack. As speculated with the other Megalution, this Mewtwo Y seems to look more like Mew (what scientists were trying to create through cloning) and more ‘natural’ in the Pokémon world.

As I do every week I present an artist’s work from deviantArt on the ‘Pokémon of the Week’ and as always IT’S THEIR WORK – THEY DESERVE ALL CREDIT. This week’s artist is purplekecleon (check out their page!) and this picture gives a softer side to Mewtwo.

This is the least menacing I've ever seen Mewtwo! So cute. (Source: purplekecleon)

This is the least menacing I’ve ever seen Mewtwo! So cute. (Source: purplekecleon)

Well that’s it for today’s Pokémon post! I hope you had a great time reading it. Let me know of your opinion on Mewtwo or it’s Megalutions! Can’t wait to play X/Y tomorrow.

Pokémon of the Week: Darkrai!

Here are the previous ‘Pokémon of the Week.’

The first legendary Pokémon to be ‘Pokémon of the Week’ is Darkrai, the Pitch-Black Pokémon. It is, also, my favorite legendary throughout the years, so I had to fit Darkrai into ‘Pokémon of the Week’ eventually.

Photo Credit: Bulbapedia. Darkrai only has one ability, Bad Dreams, which causes damage every turn for opponents that are asleep.

Photo Credit: Bulbapedia. Darkrai only has one ability, Bad Dreams, which causes damage every turn for opponents that are asleep.

As a dark type Pokémon Darkrai has an immunity to psychic types, as well as a resistant to ghost type and other dark type moves, but with weaknesses to fighting types and bug types (I believe fairy type is super effective as well come Sixth Generation). All other types do regular damage to Darkrai.

I always wondered why Darkrai wasn’t part ghost type because of the ominous feel to Darkrai, as well as Darkrai’s abilites involving nightmares. Darkrai also floats around in the anime and the game, though in the movie The Rise of Darkrai Darkrai is shown to have very long, slender legs. That just seems ghost like to me, but that’s just me. It being mono dark type is completely fine with me.

Darkrai better be obtainable in X & Y because I missed the previous events. Rumor has it (and it’s only a rumor) that nearly all Pokémon will be obtainable in X & Y (combined), which is incredible. Too many Pokémon in one route, however, can bog down the game and make catch rates extremely low for some Pokémon.

Darkrai has the highest base special attack power of all dark types, and ties with Weavile for highest base speed, which makes Darkrai an extremely formidable opponent and ally. Legendaries with this power are forbidden from competitive play because of their overall dominance – everyone would just use the legendaries and that’s no fun.

Every week I present artwork from someone on deviantArt, and as always, THIS IS THEIR WORK NOT MINE! This week’s work is from Uniformshark (check out their work!) and is called ‘Darkrai The Guardian.’


This is a haunting picture. Ever wonder if Darkrai is in pain too because of the nightmares that it causes?

Have a good weekend and thank you for reading this post. Spread the word if you have friends that love Pokémon, or music (which is what I mainly blog about).