I Apologize For The Hiatus

Hello music lovers! I apologize I haven’t posted since ‘Nam, but I am back!

I had been dealing with some personal issues, but I am back on track to be enjoying life. There may be a few more kinks ahead for me, which may cause me to take brief breaks from the blog, but please stick with me and I’ll produce for you! There are two excellent reviews from contributors Dan and Keith that I will be posting later today so stay tuned and tell your friends all about Chwomp!

Here’s a favorite song of mine for your listening pleasure:

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Ten Year Anniversary For Blink-182 Untitled Album

Ten years ago Blink-182 released their untitled album (though it is known as a self-titled album to a few – notably lyric sites) that contained classics such as Feeling This, I Miss You, Violence, Stockholm Syndrome, etc. The entire album is a classic, okay! Here are several stories featuring Blink-182 from the past few days:

Picture slideshow from SPIN magazine

‘No joke, Blink-182 finds a happy mix between passion and parties’ from LA Times

Blink-182 Reflect On ‘Untitled’ Album A Decade Later from Alice @ 97.3

Here is their tour schedule for ‘Untitled’ 10th Anniversary

Blink-182 joined by LL Cool J onstage in Los Angeles from NME

If you can narrow it down, what’s your favorite song from their Untitled album? For me it is this song:

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3,000 Views Just This Month!

That’s right, you all (including other Interneters through other means) have viewed Chwomp over 3000 times this month! That’s nearly half of the total views since I began this blog in May; though early July was when I truly started to work out the kinks of the blog and began to find my niche.

Thank you all so very much and I look forward to bringing you more content to music, and the occasional post on sports and video games! I would love it if you told your music friends on WordPress to follow Chwomp, or to follow on Facebook and/or Twitter!

Thanks, again.

Over 5000 Views!

Thank you all so very much for the page views, comments, and all around awesome!

Chwomp also has hit 2000 views in a single month for the first time ever as well!

For being so awesome and loyal I present you with this great ditty:

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Cracked Over 100 Followers!

Thank you all for the follows and the daily page views. I greatly appreciate it, and I love spreading my love for music to others who also love music (and Football/Pokémon when I post about that as well! :)). If there’s any music genre that I do not cover enough, please let me know and I will do a better job of blogging about it.

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Thanks again everyone!

Here’s some TLC!

WordPress Can Be Frustrating

I have only been using WordPress for a few months and it’s been fun, but it’s also been a frustrating endeavor!

I like to think I’m technologically savvy, but with WordPress I have been tested.  I have been trying to add certain plug-ins to my WordPress, but it seems like only paid-for WordPress accounts are able to do this?  Or am I wrong about this?

Some of the widgets are helpful, but it would be nice for WordPress to have a support area for free WordPress accounts as well, so I don’t try to complete something thinking I can do it on the free WordPress.  I realize not everything in life can be free, but I could have sworn I was able to customize my blog’s font style, color, and background color back in May.  I should just pony up the 99 dollars to be able to do this.

Trying Out New Themes

Bear with me as I am transitioning into different a theme for my blog.  I haven’t yet decided on which theme I will use, so it could be changing a lot for the next few days. The “Chunk” theme is cool, but it does not give me enough to work with as other themes do.